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If it seems too good to be true. It probably is…TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

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Make informed decisions with our comprehensive due diligence services. Our deep-level investigation tools provide thorough assessments of companies you're considering buying into.

From credit ratings to Director assessments, we cover key areas to ensure certainty in your purchase.

Don't take any chances – trust us to help you buy with confidence.

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Post Due Diligence Review

For existing stock holders in unregulated schemes, our fact-based review service is designed to support you.

Whether you're concerned about returns or the viability of the company, we're here to help.

Trust us for thorough assessments and peace of mind.

If it seems too good to be true. It probably is…TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.

Welcome to UK Company Review!

Are you considering/ or have you spent your hard-earned funds on what appears to be a promising venture?

Before you proceed any further, it's crucial to understand that unregulated schemes require thorough research and due diligence. The stakes are high, and making an informed decision is paramount. Unfortunately, obtaining all the necessary information can be challenging. But worry not, because we're here to help.

At UK Company Review, we specialise in conducting in-depth investigations into companies and their directors of unregulated schemes. With our vast array of resources and expertise, we'll dig deep to uncover crucial details that may be inaccessible to you. Our mission is to empower you with the information you need to make sound choices.


When it comes to assessing potential ventures, there are several non-negotiable red flags you should be aware of:

  • Hidden information and secretive strategies.
  • Guaranteed high returns of 5-10%+.
  • Additionally, be cautious of stalling tactics.
  • Promises of high returns unaffected by the market.
  • Returns are initially consistent then suddenly stop.

If you’ve experienced any of the above…

It is essential that you ACT QUICKLY and speak with our team now on 0207 504 1300.


Make informed decisions with UK Company Review – your trusted partner in uncovering the truth behind potential opportunities.

Different types of schemes

There are many different types unregulated schemes that you should be aware of, such as: Ponzi Schemes, Pyramid Schemes, Overseas Property Schemes, Early Pension Release, Crypto Currency, and Unregulated Products.

Listen to our podcast on 'How to spot a bad venture'.

Join our forum and stop these companies ruining lives.

Don't suffer alone as a victim of unregulated companies. Instead, join our forum, share your story with others, and get advice from our expert team, ready to answer your questions. Contact us now, and take the first step towards taking back control of your money.

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