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As you may have heard, Castle Trust and Management Services Ltd is currently subject to an Administration order by the Gibraltar courts. They have appealed the decision not to grant a four-month stay of the Administration proceedings, which has placed the company in a precarious position. This situation demands your immediate attention as a Loan Note Holder.

Castle Trust's Trading Status: A Red Flag 

Castle Trust is currently operating outside of an insolvency process while awaiting the outcome of their appeal. This uncertain state of affairs should raise concerns for anyone involved with CTMS, be it managing pensions or acting as a Security Trustee for Loan Notes. The potential impact on your Loan Notes cannot be ignored.

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Companies under CTMS Security

CTMS provides security for a range of trading companies:

  • The 79th Group of Companies: Offers unregulated opportunities across various development companies, with Castle Trust serving as a Trustee for Loan Note Holders.
  • Arimco Limited and Ashbrookes Inspired Ltd
  • Social Property Ventures Ltd: An ethical real estate company offering loan notes.
  • William Jackson's Related Companies: Platinum Assets and Developments Limited, Phoenix West Developments Ltd, Northern Business Management LLP.
  • Zoe Jackson's Development in Liverpool - The Eclipse via Ridgemere Developments Ltd.

Implications and Urgency

Should the appeal fail, Castle Trust will be subject to Administration, leaving buyers and Loan Note holders without a trusted trading company to oversee their Loan Notes. However, if the appeal succeeds, Castle Trust will have a four-month window to sell the business.

Take Action Now to Safeguard Your Loan Notes

Given the highly uncertain trading conditions surrounding Castle Trust, it is crucial that you take proactive measures to secure the value in your Loan Notes. Our team of experts is here to guide you through this challenging situation. Act swiftly to protect your financial interests.

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