Post Due Diligence Review

A fact-based review service if you already have a vested interest in an unregulated scheme

You may have concerns about not receiving a return or want peace of mind about the viability of the company you've bought into.

Non-payment of interest or redemption.

Inability to contact the company or get a satisfactory response.

A negative news story about the company.

The company's failure to file their accounts on Companies House.

*Please note we do not share your details with any third parties.

This report aims to provide you with facts and options on what to do with the information.

To achieve this, we conduct a deep-level "digging" exercise covering key facts about the company involved. As well as any connected companies.

Current credit ratings and any issues within.

Directors, Co-Director/s, and Shareholder assessments are carried out to understand more about the “CV” of the people controlling the company.

Additionally, we conduct a similar exercise with the Security Trustee, and report significant findings. Including online reviews, applicable press releases, and court hearings and judgements.

After this comprehensive review, if applicable, we can provide you with multiple options.

For instance, if the company has gone into administration, we can provide creditor services. See here for more information.

If the company is still trading but in breach of the contract, by not returning the funds passed its redemption date. Or has failed to make interest payments, we can offer a service to recover funds.

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*Unregulated opportunity – defined as any opportunities that are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Such schemes do not have any protection through the Financial Conduct Authority or though the Financial Compensation Scheme.


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