Consider investment fraud victims

Victims of unregulated investment schemes and other financial frauds are frequently overlooked

It is somewhat common knowledge that white-collar criminals regularly dupe innocent investors into handing over their hard-earned cash. During the fallout of such cases, we often, understandably, hear about the perpetrators and their misdemeanours. White-collar criminals become famous. But rarely is a voice is given to victims of unregulated investment fraud and similar crimes. Remember…

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What are recovery room scams?

Fraudsters target investors who've lost money by pretending to be an official who will help them recover the money

A recovery room scam occurs when scammers falsely present themselves as insolvency professionals to recover funds lost in a failed investment. This is a growing problem in the UK so it’s important that you look out for red flags such as: Contact is usually made using hurried tactics including cold calls to get you to…

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