Victims of Investment Scam Receive £2 Million Compensation

Not all superhero’s wear capes. One such tale revolves around John Gerard Metcalfe, from Essex whose actions led to a £2 million loss for several individuals. Metcalfe’s fraudulent investment scam ultimately brought him to bankruptcy and legal action in 2013. However, justice has a way of catching up, and in 2017, he was convicted of…

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Beware of Dubious Property Investment Schemes: A Warning

property scams

In recent years, fraudulent property investment schemes have been evolving at an alarming rate, posingsignificant risks to both the public and law firms unwittingly involved in them. As scams adapt toprevious warnings, it becomes essential for all law practitioners to read and heed the followingwarning notice. This blog post aims to shed light on the…

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Major UK Bank Warns Investors of Online Scams and Fraud

online scams and fraud

Major UK bank TSB has called on social media giant Meta to take action against the rising wave of investment fraud and online scams on its platforms. Specifically, TSB has revealed that the scale of social media scams on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram is massive. Accounting for 80% of fraud cases. As a result, with…

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Investment Scam: Couple Convicted of Cold-Calling Scam

A married couple were convicted last week for heading up a cold calling investment scam targeting elderly victims with a total loss of over £2.7 million. It’s not often we see white collar crime punished in the UK, so this is a refreshing piece of news. Southwark Crown Court found Clint Canning guilty of fraud…

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Investment Scams wreaking havoc on Facebook and Instagram

Which? research uncovered numerous investment ads on Facebook and Instagram that mislead investors into potential scams. This discovery coincides with a significant rise in losses attributed to investment scams. At I&L, we remain vigilant in identifying emerging scams and have previously shared information about recognizing signs of investment scams. This time, it is concerning that…

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Independent Financial Advisors (IFA)

An IFA (independent financial advisor) is someone who gives unbiased advice on how to invest in financial products across the market. What all financial advisers in the UK should have in common is that they’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means there are rules they must follow when dealing with you. Choosing…

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